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Hire right
sacrificing speed.

Today's hiring environment is complex. But one thing is clear: you have to move fast. deltPRO helps you hire with confidence in less than 5 minutes.

Get to know us for free by discovering your personal Work Style below.

The 10 question deltPRO Position Assessment helps hiring managers identify exactly which Work Style will be successful in the open role.


Define Your Ideal Candidate


Hire with Confidence


Compare the responses from each candidate and your ideal candidate will naturally surface based on their answers.

3 Easy Steps to Hire for Fit

Use the customized deltPRO interview guide to ask the right behavioral interview questions of each candidate.  

Interview Right

Two options to hire right with deltPRO

One time use of deltPRO to help you hire right is just $10.  You probably won't even need a receipt for your expense report!

Once you try deltPRO you won't want to hire without it.  For just $39/year you can have unlimited access to deltPRO anytime you want.

"I took the Position Assessment and discovered I have been hiring the wrong Work Style for our Customer Service positions.  This is a lifesaver!"

Jack / Customer Service Manager

Seeking Work Style: Developer

"I love the customized interview questions from deltPRO that help me find the right person for each job I'm hiring for."


Liz / Accountant

Seeking Work Styles: Designer & Conductor

"Interviewing just got a whole lot easier!"

Rita / Chief Operating Officer

Seeking Work Style: Director

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