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Go beyond qualified and start hiring for fit.

When the right person is in the right job they’re more productive, they stay longer and everyone is happier.
Let’s work together to make your organization thrive!

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Making great hires is about identifying great matches.

The deltPRO® Work Style Assessment™ and matching platform help organizations put the right people in the right jobs.

Our easy to use online assessment tool and matching algorithm help managers discover the best work style for an open position and prioritizes a pool of candidates before interviews even begin.

Get the Ultimate Guide to incorporating Work Style into your hiring process

Simple and easy to use

11 deltPRO Work Styles


The deltPRO assessment tool is short (just 10 minutes) yet psychologically and statistically reliable to determine a person’s work style. It’s easily self-administered so there’s no need for special training or expensive interpretation by consultants.

Discover your Work Style Try the Assessment

Candidates matched to managers

Hiring managers use the deltPRO assessment tool to discover the desired work style for the open role on their team. Each candidate takes the assessment to identify their personal work style.

The manager / employee relationship is critical. When a candidate’s work style is matched to a manager’s needs the odds of on-the-job success rise.

Identify those most likely to thrive in your organization

A Work Style Match Report ™ provides a prioritized list of every candidate for you to see how well their work style matches up to what the hiring manager is looking for.

Our Work Style Assessment is psychologically and statistically valid. Download our White Paper to learn more

Know who you want to hire before you even meet them.

Why work style?

Work style is the intangible that’s hard for most of us to objectively identify. Even in an interview. But it’s critical to on the job success.

Work Style is how someone works best: How they communicate, make decisions, learn and work with others.

We all have our own work style and when our job is a mismatch productivity, tenure and happiness all suffer. That’s not good for anybody.

A quick resume scan will reveal a candidate’s work experience. Skills are also readily evaluated or can be taught on the job. But these are not the areas where most hiring mistakes are made.

The problem is often work style.

Get the Ultimate Guide to incorporating Work Style into your hiring process

Identify great candidates faster and with greater confidence.

Our matching algorithm ensures you don’t overlook great candidates for your team or invest too much time on a long shot.

Save time and resources.

The larger the candidate pool the more time you’re saving. Quickly screen for work style match and reduce expensive miss hires.

Go beyond skills and experience

Identify candidates who aren’t just qualified but are more likely to be successful in the position.

Reduce bias in screening.

Every candidate is screened and our algorithm provides objective data that reduces subjectivity and bias.

No more square pegs in round holes.

How it works


Hiring manger uses the assessment to identify the best work style for the role.


Total candidate pool invited to take the assessment.


Algorithm identifies top matches.


Candidate list prioritized by work style match.


Candidates can be further screened for required skills and experience. Interview the best candidates without overlooking great matches or investing time in long shots.

We help put the right people in the right jobs.

Our new Engagement Specialists have been immediate top performers. Without the deltPRO work style data, we would have overlooked some great candidates.

Nicolle H.
Senior Manager of Outreach Engagement, MOBE

The deltPRO interview guides helped me better understand each candidate’s strengths and areas for development. The insight helps me be a better manager

Mark N.
Supervisor of Outreach Engagement, MOBE

Surrounding ourselves with the right people is one of the most important things we do as leaders. I believe deltPRO has improved our ability to do that and has given me confidence in our candidates and our decision-making process. Good stuff!

Stu S.
VP, Outreach and Engagement, MOBE

deltPRO has helped me look beyond skills and experience and understand my candidates’ work style — which gives me a ton of confidence as I grow my team.

Elli R.
VP Client Services and Business Development, GoKart Labs

I took the deltPRO assessment when I applied for this job so I can see the impact first hand. I immediately clicked with the team. Screening for work style ensured that they found the right fit for the position and the team. Now I’m using deltPRO to build the rest of our team.

Kathleen W.
Sr. HR Business Partner-Learning and Development, MOBE

deltPRO has been a great addition to our hiring process. We feel like it helps us screen, interview and hire better. We’re rolling it out across the organization.

Andrea P.
VP of Human Resources, MOBE

Hire people who will thrive in your organization.

When the right person is in the right job they’re more productive,
they stay longer and everyone is happier.
Who doesn’t want that?