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Hiring for fit just got easier

When you put the right people in the right jobs they’re more productive, they stay longer and everyone is happier.
Who doesn’t want that?

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Objective data

The only candidate assessment tool designed to provide objective data so you can hire for fit. The deltPRO® Work Style Assessment™ helps you put the right people in the right jobs.

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Identify the ideal work style for any open position on your team.

Candidates matched to managers

Ideal work style

The Position Assessment™ helps hiring managers identify exactly which work style will be most successful in the role.

Spot the best candidates

The Candidate Assessment™ effortlessly screens every candidate while the matching algorithm identifies and ranks the top candidates.

Supercharge your team

When you understand Work Style you can build stronger teams. Great things happen when people are well matched to the role, manager and team.

The power of Work Style

The deltPRO Work Style Assessment identifies unique talents, behaviors and preferences which are the key to fit but not found on a resume.

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The new benchmark for fit

Fewer mis-hires

Save on recruiting and training resources.

Save time
Focus recruiting & interview time on candidates that fit.


Get your hiring team on the same page.

Reduce Bias

Remove bias at the earliest stage of screening.

The right people in the right jobs are happier.