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Actionable data

The new benchmark for fit: The deltPRO Work Style Assessment identifies unique talents, behaviors and preferences which are the key to fit but not found on a resume.

Get the full picture

Get a complete view of every candidate and understand how they work best.

Work style is the intangible that’s hard for most of us to objectively identify, even in an interview, but it’s critical to on the job success.

Work Style is how someone works best: How they communicate, make decisions, learn and work with others.

No more guessing at fit

Understanding Work Style adds a powerful tool to the hiring process. The eleven distinct Work Style types provide an objective understanding of how people work best so you can make better hiring decisions.

The deltPRO Work Style Assessment takes candidate screening way beyond skills (which aren’t predictive of success) and general personality assessments. Objective data helps you match candidates to the right roles, managers and teams.

Discover your Work Style

Who will thrive on your team?

ACHIEVERS tend to be direct and decisive, great at building relationships, good problem solvers and task focused.
CONDUCTORS are direct and decisive, strong relationship builders, and excel in cultures that value initiative and freedom.
COUNSELORS are task focused and very reliable. They have excellent judgement and prefer to navigate clear structure and logical processes.
DESIGNERS are innovative by nature, have a strong eye for detail, are comfortable with ambiguity and very collaborative in a team.
DEVELOPERS are task focused and highly dependable, goal oriented. They prefer clear structure and get along well with others.
DIRECTORS are conscientious and reliable and quick to lead in a group. They prefer clear structure and are goal oriented and efficient at work.
IGNITERS are direct and decisive, quick to lead and tend to take risks when solving problems. They’re goal oriented and comfortable with ambiguity.
INFLUENCERS are persuasive team players, quick to lead, and create harmony in a group. They are big picture thinkers and prefer structure.
INVENTORS take initiative and risk and are creative problem solvers. They are comfortable with ambiguity and seek new ideas along with tangible results.
PERFORMERS are compassionate and conscientious. Their enthusiasm and supportive nature creates harmony. They tend to thrive with more freedom.
VISIONARIES are innovative with strong attention to detail. As creative problem solvers, they thrive in both open and more structured environments.

Go beyond qualified

Skills and experience are not predictive of success. Work Style provides a more complete picture of every candidate so you can make more informed hiring decisions.

There’s nothing in a candidate’s education, skills or experience that will tell how they’re likely to function on the job.

Work Style
Work Style uncovers who
 a candidate is and how they work best: Their talents, behaviors, preferences, strengths and even areas for development.

Tested to be psychologically valid

Grounded in foundational psychology, 100% focused on work and the most common failure point in hiring; Work Style. Our team of organizational psychologists designed the deltPRO assessment from the ground up to provide objective data.


Simple, easy to use assessment provides an accurate picture of how someone works best in just minutes.

Industry and
role agnostic

Designed for use in any industry, from retail to health care and any type of role, from entry-level to 


Screen candidates with the confidence that unintended bias has been eliminated at the earliest stage of screening.


The algorithm compares what you’re looking for to each candidate’s Work Style for precise matching based on fit.

Designed to be exactly unlike other assessments

We created deltPRO out of frustration with a traditional hiring process that felt too much like guesswork and existing assessments that are too expensive, complicated and a turn off to many candidates. We think of it as the anti-assessment.

100% focused on work
deltPRO focuses exclusively on understanding how people work best.

Screen every candidate
Quickly and affordably screen every candidate for every job. No more pricey tests just for finalists.

Great candidate experience
Positive brand experience where every candidate will learn something about themselves.

No testing fatigue
It takes less than 8 minutes for a candidate to complete the well designed assessment

Simple to use
No certification required. The results are at your fingertips on the employer dashboard.

No consultants
You don’t need to hire a consultant to have sophisticated screening.

“It’s astonishing how accurately such a short assessment could describe me. It nailed me!”

Chris / Sales Manager
Work Style: Conductor

“I wish my last boss had understood my work style better.
 I probably would have stayed longer.”

Liz / Accountant
Work Style: Director

 How does this know so much about me? It even understands my weak points.”

Jackson / Software Engineer
Work Style: Counselor