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Why A Work Style Assessment Is Crucial For The Perfect Fit

Why a Work Style Assessment is Crucial for the Perfect Fit

Are some of your employees on a different wavelength than their manager? If so, you’re not alone; many teams experience misalignment between managers and employees.

Do you feel like your team’s productivity is being negatively affected by improper communication and collaboration between employees and managers? If you do, then you agree with 86% of employees and employers who cite a lack of communication and collaboration for workplace failures.

However, workplace miscommunication is just the tip of the iceberg. When an employee’s work style isn’t well matched to their manager, you’re putting your team at risk of higher turnover, and lower engagement and productivity.

To decrease turnover and increase engagement and productivity, start considering Work Style during the hiring process so you can hire the candidate who’s a perfect fit for the open role. The most effective way to identify that ideal candidate is to use a Work Style™ Assessment.

Use Work Style to assess fit

Why is a Work Style™ Assessment so crucial to your hiring process? Because Work Style is the most important factor in determining a candidate’s level of fit for a role and for your team.

What is Work Style?

Before we get too far into why you need to use a Work Style™ Assessment, let’s talk about what Work Style is.

Work Style is how an individual works best, based on a combination of on-the-job behaviors, preferences, and natural talents. It reveals how they communicate, receive feedback, make decisions, learn, and participate on a team.

Why is Work Style important?

Work Style is important because you’re hiring a member of a team, not just an individual. When you’re searching for a team member, you need to look deeper than skills and experience to find the perfect fit.

Skills and experience are important, but they don’t predict on the job success, and they’re not generally the factors that create friction on a team. The most common culprit of employee turnover, low productivity and engagement is a mismatch of Work Styles on a team.

Though 97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment on a team impacts the outcome of a task or project, companies keep making hires based on the wrong criteria.

So, if you want more engaged, productive, and longer-tenured employees, you need to stray from the standard hiring process and shift your focus to Work Style. This will help you to find a better fit employee that can work to their strengths and optimize their on-the-job behaviors, providing you with a great match on both sides.

A team with effective communication, alone, is 50% more likely to have lower turnover. A Work Style™ Assessment measures communication preferences, as well as other on-the-job behaviors and preferences, to identify the candidate who’s most likely to thrive on your team.

What is a Work Style™ Assessment?

The Work Style™ Assessment is a user-friendly survey that candidates can complete in less than 8 minutes, at the beginning of the screening process.

The Assessment identifies a person’s unique talents, behaviors, and preferences by taking an approach that’s rooted in organizational psychology and goes deeper than standard job screening technology or personality assessments.

But don’t worry — getting to know candidates on a deeper level doesn’t mean you need to reach deeper into your pockets.

It’s quite the contrary. The Work Style™ Assessment is very affordable, unlike many other tools available today. With a simple subscription, you can use it to screen all candidates, rather than just the “finalists”. And, this doesn’t even factor in the money and time you’ll save by having a prioritized list of best-fit candidates before you even begin interviewing.

So, now that you have a better idea of how the Work Style™ Assessment works, we’ll further dive into how the Assessment fits into your hiring process, helps you define your job role needs and identify the right candidate, and puts your team in the best position to succeed.

A Work Style™ Assessment helps you define your needs

Before you begin your hiring process, you need to know what you’re looking for in a candidate.

If you follow the traditional hiring methodology, you’ll just list out the skills and level of experience needed. But if you follow the more accurate Work Style methodology, you’ll start your hiring process with a clearer picture of how the ideal candidate works and collaborates on a team.

To properly prepare to hire based on Work Style, you’ll need to define the communication, feedback reception, decision-making, learning, and team participation preferences of your ideal candidate. This may sound like a lot of work, but it’s not — the Position Assessment™ makes it a simple, streamlined process.

How the Position Assessment™ helps you define the ideal Work Style

Defining attributes of your ideal candidate can be difficult to do on your own. Luckily, you can take the Position Assessment™ to better determine what you’re looking for in a new hire.

The Position Assessment™ is similar to the assessment candidates take but helps you identify which of the 11 Work Styles are best for the role you’re trying to fill. It features 10 questions about your ideal candidate, their on-the-job preferences, and how they would behave in various situations and environments.

Once you know which Work Style you’re looking for, and the attributes that go along with it, you’re ready to begin your hiring process using the Work Style™ Assessment.

A Work Style™ Assessment helps you identify the ideal candidate

Using the information gathered from the Position Assessment™, you’ll know which of the 11 Work Styles you’re looking for in your ideal candidate. The Work Style™ Assessment is then used to screen every candidate and prioritize them based on the strength of work style match.

As mentioned, candidates take the assessment during the initial application process. As candidates take the assessment, deltPRO’s matching algorithm identifies and ranks candidates based on strength of fit. When you’re ready to start interviewing, you can obtain your prioritized list of candidates in the form of a Work Style™ Match Report.

From there, use our Work Style-specific interview guide to ask interview questions that are custom-tailored to the Work Style you identified using the Position Assessment™. This will help you further parse out which candidate is the right fit for the role and ensure you find the best fit for your team.

Incorporate a Work Style™ Assessment into your hiring process to significantly increase your chances of finding the right candidate and reaping the benefits that come with a perfect fit.

The benefits of hiring a right-fit employee:

Don’t put your team’s productivity, retention, and engagement at risk by using outdated hiring practices. Optimize your hiring process and use a Work Style™ Assessment every time you make a new hire. You’ll save yourself time, money, and mental exhaustion by leveraging a tool that helps you identify the right candidate.

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