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On paper, so many candidates look the same.

deltPRO™ is an online, pre-interview screening tool that provides objective data to help you get fit right.

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Designed and tested to be psychologically valid.

Grounded in foundational psychology, 100% focused on work and the most common failure point in hiring: Work Style.

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Go beyond skills and experience

There’s nothing in a candidate’s education, skills or experience that will tell you what their personal work style is or how they’re likely to function on the job. That’s why we created deltPRO™.

Work Style

Work style is how someone communicates, receives feedback, makes decisions, learns and participates in teams. It’s all about how they work and perform best on the job.

Objective data

Screening for work style adds a new, objective layer of data to hiring and helps identify candidates with the most suitable styles for a particular role, manager or team.

The deltPRO assessment tool helps you identify the candidates that will thrive in your organization

No more square pegs in round holes.

Most of us have experienced the pain of hiring the wrong person. It’s hard on productivity, morale and the bottom line. Often it’s just a bad fit between the employee and the manager, position or team. A square peg in a round hole.

Easy to integrate into your current hiring process.


Hiring manager completes a short (:10) assessment to help discover the best Work Style for the role on their team.


Candidates complete a similar assessment to identify their personal Work Style.


The assessment tool and matching algorithm identify and rank the top matches from the candidate pool.


Interview top candidates as you normally would. Our interview guides for each Work Style will help you validate and explore the strengths and development areas of the relevant work style.

We handle the logistics

All you have to provide are email addresses. First for the hiring manager(s) and then for the candidates. We take it from there. The assessment results are conveniently maintained on an employer portal and summarized in a Work Style Match Report™.

Hire people who will thrive in your organization.

When the right person is in the right job they’re more productive,
they stay longer and everyone is happier.
Who doesn’t want that?