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Frequently asked questions

Most hiring processes focus on a candidate’s skills and experience. Facts that can be easily communicated in a resume and discussed in an interview. Our research told us two things: 95% of companies report making a mis-hire every year and a very small minority of those mis-hires are related to skills and experience. The number one failure point in hiring is work style. It’s difficult for most to get at in an interview and there hasn’t been an objective way to measure it. Until now!

We set out to make the deltPRO™ assessment refreshingly different from the other assessments on the market. It’s short, designed to establish a manager / employee match, exclusively focused on work style and affordably priced so it can be used as a high volume screening tool. No certifications are required to use the tool and expensive consultants aren’t necessary to interpret the results.

Not every organization has a dedicated HR / talent team and that’s not a barrier to using deltPRO™. The assessment is designed to be self-administered so it’s easy for anybody to use. The client portal will automatically send the assessment to candidates and a Work Style Match Report™ is generated as they are completed.

That’s entirely up to you. Our clients have found the most success using deltPRO™ as a pre-interview screening step. That means every candidate is asked to complete the assessment immediately following their application. This helps the employer prioritize further screening. This saves time, begins screening with an objective data point and ensures candidates that will be a great match aren’t overlooked.

The deltPRO™ assessment is designed to be bias free and when used as an initial candidate screening, deltPRO™ can help reduce unconscious bias. Candidates will be ranked on strength of match to the work style you’re seeking.

Yes. The assessment is grounded in foundational human psychology. Feel free to dive into our white paper.

The assessment was created in collaboration with the organizational effectiveness firm, Bridges Consulting.

Very likely. There are many applicant tracking systems out there. Please contact us and we’ll happily explore integration with your current system.

We send a link to the assessment directly to your candidates and track who’s responded. You can see this information at any time from your client dashboard. We make it clear to candidates that we’re contacting them on your behalf as part of the application process.

Interview guides for each work style are included in your subscription. They’ll help interviewers build productive conversations around candidate strengths and areas of development related to their work style.

No, candidates will not see which Work Style you’re seeking. This is to remove the temptation for candidates to try to tailor their assessment answers to meet what you’re looking for. We remind candidates that answering authentically is in their best interest to find a mutually beneficial match with an employer.

That’s not uncommon. deltPRO™ allows you to have multiple collaborators weigh in on which Work Style is best for the open position. It’s far better to sort through discrepancies before you start interviewing people! Each hiring manager / collaborator takes the position assessment and then you can see the results side by side to help you make a final decision.

Monthly Plans:
With our monthly subscriptions you have the flexibility to cancel anytime. If you cancel after your monthly billing date, you will not receive a refund for the remaining days in that month but you’ll still have access to the system until the end of the billing period.

Annual Plans:
If you’re on an annual subscription, you can cancel your plan to avoid being charged on your next annual bill date. You will continue to have access in the system until the end of your current billing year. We do not offer refunds on annual plans that are cancelled mid-year.

Only those from your company who have an account with deltPRO™ will have access to candidate names, email address and work style information.

We are in the process of building a new capability to address this need. If you would like to participate in the development through our Beta, please contact us at with the subject: Team Assessments.

Delt is Norwegian for shared. We believe that work is a shared experience and when the right people are in the right jobs we’re all better.

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