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Skills and 

How employees work best is more important than skills and experience
 determining job fit.

Candidate's Work Style

The 10 question deltPRO Work Style Quiz identifies each candidate's unique talents, behaviors and preferences at work: their Work Style.

Work Style Match

Comparing the Candidate's Work Style to what the Hiring Manager's expectations are yields a Work Style Match %.  A great match is 80%+.

How deltPRO determines Work Style Fit

Hiring Manager's Expectations

The 10 question deltPRO Position Assessment helps hiring managers identify exactly which Work Style will be successful in the open role.


For just $9 we'll send the Hiring Manager at the job you're considering a Work Style Assessment that will tell you how closely your natural Work Style matches what they are looking for.  Now you can accept your next job with confidence!  Complete the form below and we'll send you the Work Style Fit matching report as soon as the Hiring Manager takes the assessment. 

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