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Our ambition is to change hiring from an exercise in blind hope to one of optimism.

Where organizations are no longer putting square pegs into round holes and are more often putting the right people into jobs where they’ll thrive.

According to the Brandon Hall Group, 95% of companies report making a bad hire every year. Not only is that a drag on productivity and profit, that’s a lot of potentially unhappy people.

We realized that it takes one small change to make a profound impact on your ability to hire the right person. To find that round peg.

It has to do with what we call Work Style and there hasn’t been an efficient, objective way to screen for it. Work Style is how someone communicates, receives feedback, makes decisions, learns and participates in teams.

Think what having the right person in the job can do for productivity, tenure, satisfaction and even happiness.

Because when you’re happy at work, you’re happy in life.